The company PPHU Export-Import Henryk Wołoszyn is a family company, which is based in Obojna, 10 km from Stalowa Wola in the Podkarpackie Province.

Its origins date back to 1990 when the company dealt with the trade of industrial and then food products, imports from Ukraine to focus on the meat industry.

Over the years, the company has been developing dynamically, expanding the plant, adapting it to the requirements and standards of the European Union and improving the product range.

In 1998-2004 beef tripe cut as well as ready-made products Flaczki w Rosole and Flaczki Sandomierskie produced basing on our own recipes and company standards were the company's leading products.

Today, the company "Wołoszyn" is known primarily as a producer of Mechanically Boned Meat (MOM, MDM, MDOM).

The establishment implements a system ensuring food safety (HACCP), because the overriding aim of the owners is to meet the needs of consumers by producing safe food in accordance with the requirements of recipients.

The high quality of the product consists of the best Polish material, qualified staff and modern machine park.

The company "Wołoszyn" has a number of powers: the countries of the European Union, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Kosovo.

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